Q- Do your clutch weights wear down?

A- Our clutch weights are milled from the highest quality steel and then hardend to eliminate wear.


Q- I went off of your clutch setup sheet, but RPM is still not right.

A- Our setup sheets are recomendations. Machine accessory additional weight, windshields, rim + tire size and weight, and many other factors contribute to clutch setup. Snyper weights are made to fine tune adjust as your machine changes.


Q- Why is a Snypr Weight better than oem or competitors?

A-Snypr Clutch Weight technology cromes from our racing developement. With Snypr you have near unlimited adjustability within the weight. Not just tuning RPM, But changing the characteristics of how the weight shifts, changing low end and high end engagement. 



Q- Do your exhausts make power?

A- All our exhausts are made with performance, quality and weight savings in mind. Our exhausts are garenteed to make power on your machine.



Q-Will tuning void my warrenty?

A-Yes, technically the manufacturers have the right to decline warranty coverage if an engine makes more power than it was sold making. We do not condone any warranty manipulation.


Q- Whats the best fuel to run in my machine

A- From years of developemnt and tuning, we have found that 91 Octane fuel is the best and most practical fuel to use in your machine. Almost all of our tunes utilize 91 fuel.


Q-How does ECU tuning gain horsepower?

A-The fuel and ignition curve is optimized for 89 octane or better fuel, Torque limiters are raised to a safe level. Electronic throttle bodies are controlled to allow 100% air flow when present. Often manufacturers will use the exact same engine for multiple horsepower models and simply detune them for the lower HP models. This allows Bikeman to easily get to the max HP and slightly beyond.



Q-Where are your products made?

A- We take pride in having our design and manufacturing facility based in the USA. Within our facility we house our CNC department, Weld Shop, And engine and wheel dyno setup.