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    • Huge acceleration and track speed gains
    • Some may see top speed gains
    • Much better all around clutching performance and "feel"
    • Quicker back shifting (down shift)
    • More consistent clutching that holds RPM
    • Lower clutch temps and longer belt life
    • Includes setup guidelines for your model and modifications
    • 1100 Turbo clutch kits work with or without tuning
    • Easily adjustable for fine-tuning
    • Includes our Goldstar magnetic adjustable clutch weights, primary spring, adjustable torsion conversion helix, and a torsion secondary spring.
    • We HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing this spring tool for installing and adjusting your secondary.

    • 06-13-101   ZR/XF 6000 
    • 06-13-116   ZR/XF 7000 


    • 06-13-102   F/ZR/XF 8000 
    • 06-13-104   HCR/M 8000 
    • 06-13-108   F/ZR/XF 1100-NON-TURBO 
    • 06-13-109   F/ZR/XF 1100-TURBO
    • 06-13-110   M 1100-TURBO


    BMP Stage 2 clutch kits have many benefits over stock. Not only does it produce excellent performance gains, but the belt life is also increased dramatically. The Arctic Cats are known for a short belt life and at almost 200 dollars each that's a hard pill to swallow. The Stage 2 kit fixes that problem and gains big performance in the mean time!

    These kits allow the clutches to go into full overdrive, unlike stock, which doesn't even reach a full one to one ratio! We achieve this by changing the stiff, stock driven spring with a torsion style spring. The stock driven spring actually coil binds which stops the shift. With the torsion spring full shift out is achieved. The torsion spring will also allow you to adjust the driven spring tension for quicker upshift or backshift if you desire, even though we supply recommended specifications with the kits. The helix and adjustable billet end cap is machined from aluminum with our custom cut progressive multi-angles.

    The primary clutch utilizes the BMP Goldstar magnetic adjustable weights. These weights hit hard on the bottom end, yet are very smooth for cruising and provide quick throttle response. The weights are adjustable with a unique magnet design allowing up to 22 grams of adjustment per arm. We provide specifications of how to set up the clutch arm weight with each kit. The adjustable weights allow you to precisely fine tune your sled or adjust for modifications and different altitudes. For example, if you add a performance pipe, big bore, or turbo, you can simply add more weight to the Goldstar clutch arms. The 4 positions per side allow you to put more weight towards the heel or tip if you want to change your shift pattern for a harder hit out of the gate or more top end pull. Lastly, we change the primary clutch spring to increase the engagement slightly and help for quicker back shifting.

    **2 stroke models with engine reverse may have an issue when engaging reverse drive. You must slowly and easily engage the clutch when in reverse. Only try to use reverse under light load situations like off the trailer, or on flat ground. Harsh engagement or high load situations can cause the clutch to miss the revese notch and drop the belt to the bottom of the sheaves. If reverse is a big concern, you may want to also purchase our white primary spring to lower engagement.**

    The Stage 2 clutch kits are simply the best modification for performance and longevity on your Arctic Cat snowmobile. Great performance, cooler clutches, and much longer belt life. This truly is a must have modification!

    Click here for the torsion secondary instructions