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    • This kit ONLY fits 2013 Ranger 900 models. The 2014 & Up use a different secondary shaft size and require a different clutch kit.
    • Huge gains on a stock or modified machine
    • Excellent throttle response
    • Improved low end power
    • Easily adjustable for modifications
    • Ranger 900 & Ranger 900 Crew Stage 2 clutch kits include: Goldstar magnetic adjustable clutch weights, primary spring. TAS-03 secondary clutch loaded with smooth shift washers, spring and helix.
    • Kits for those with our bully dog custom programming come with the lighter weights for higher RPM.
    • View or download the weight setup sheet HERE
    • Learn about Clutch weights HERE
    • Learn about Primary springs HERE
    • Learn about Seconday springs HERE
    • Learn about Helix angles HERE
    • Our sheave clamp tool will allow you to add or subtract weight near the tip for fine tuning without removing the weights.

  • Part #:ADBM07-308


Get your Ranger 900 off the couch! The stock clutching is very lazy and yet again Polaris used their cheap secondary clutch which hinders performance. We set you up with a complete TAS-03 Team secondary which shifts smoother and eats less power. This clutch has a removable helix and spring that allows us to fine tune how the secondary shifts. So many other kits use a stock secondary with an updated spring which virtually does nothing. By getting more aggressive on the secondary clutching we are able to transfer more power directly to the wheels and make your Ranger 900 much more fun to drive! This kit also comes with our Goldstar magnetic adjustable clutch weights and custom primary spring. These weights have a superior profile providing better acceleration and feature easy magnetic insert adjustment. The adjustable weights come with instructions letting you know just how to set them up for your exact machine per modifications. If you upgrade and do other modifications in the future, your clutching can easily be adjusted to compensate for those mods. However, the clutching for our Bully Dog GT Programming requires a much lighter base weight. Purchasing this kit for a stock machine will require you to purchase different weights in the future if you plan on doing tuning.