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    • Everything you need to make your buddies' jaws drop! This kit is FAST!!

    • Outstanding back-shifting to turn the fun factor up. 

    • Maintains the factory P-Drive profile's aggressiveness and adjustability.

    • Weights utilize 2 magnet locations plus the original bolt location allows for low, medium, and high speed adjustments.

    • Perfect for those who have additional modifications such as Big Bores, Nitrous, and Turbos.

    • Click HERE to view or download the clutch setup sheets.

    • Learn about clutch weights HERE

    • Learn about Primary springs HERE

    • Learn about Seconday springs HERE

    • Learn about Helix Angles HERE

    • Our sheave clamp tool will allow you to add or subtract weight near the tip for fine tuning without removing the weights.

    • Part Number: ADBM06-25-202
    • Part Number: ADBM06-25-203


The best kit on the market for those spending those days zooming through the trails. This kit is made to backshift quickly, and have great throttle response when getting on the throttle is needed!  Comes with adjustable pins, primary spring, 3 smooth shift washers, adjustable Goldstar weights, and a custom helix.

The Ski-doo 850's are an incredible machine. It is by far the most impressive trail machine skidoo has ever offered. But since its introduction in 2017, clutching has proven to be an ongoing issue. Through 2017-2019, BRP has introduced various clutching combinations, along with improved motor mounts, and improved clutch compartment ventilation. But even the latest updates can’t compete with our kit.

The main reason this kit is so successful is because it is specifically built for a variety of terrain.  If you want to race your buddies across the field when you get home, or if you want to race your buddies from the cabin to the truck, this is the set up for you!

This kit is incredibly versatile. The BMP Goldstar ramps allow this kit to be modified for any future power upgrades. You can add power to the 850 with our game changing exhaust system, or go all out with our 191 Hp 911 big bore kit. Simply add magnets to the adjustable weight BMP Goldstar ramps!!