2016+ 9000 Arctic Cat BOSS Stage 2 Clutch Kits

2016+ 9000 Arctic Cat BOSS Stage 2 Clutch Kits


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    • These kits fit 2016-Up Arctic Cat Models with the BOSS clutches

    • Fixes the sluggish factory clutching issues
    • Unmatched acceleration and track speed gains
    • Lightning-quick back shift (downshift)
    • Holds RPM much better than factory
    • Secondary Smooth Shift Teflon washers included for buttery smooth secondary shifts on standard kits
    • Torsion spring conversion upgrade offers EVEN MORE all-around performance and may increase top speed
    • Much smoother and better working reverse on standard style clutch kits
    • Torsion kit ONLY: Reverse on 2 stroke models may not work under high load situations (backing up a snow-covered hill), but will work fine in low load situations (off the trailer, out of the garage, etc.)
    • Clutch kits are easily adjustable for fine-tuning
    • Includes setup guidelines for your specific model and different modifications we offer
    • Includes our Goldstar magnetic adjustable clutch weights, BMP primary spring(some may come with 2 primary springs for different years and/or engagement RPM), BMP secondary spring, smooth shift secondary Teflon washers, and a custom cut helix
    • See instructions for the torsion conversion kits HERE
    • Going with the torsion kit? Purchase our BOSS torsion spring installation tool HERE

    • Learn about Clutch weights HERE
    • Learn about Primary springs HERE
    • Learn about Secondary springs HERE

Fitment: 2016ZR/XF (0-3000ft) Part Number: 06-15-109

    • ZR/XF (0-3000ft) - Torsion Kit Part Number: 06-15-109-TCK
      • All Mountain Part Number: 06-15-110 
      • All Mountain Torsion Kit Part Number: 06-15-110-TCK

    • 2017+:ZR/XF/HCR/M Part Number :06-15-118
      • ZR/XF/HCR/M Torsion Kit Part Number: 06-15-118-TCK


Our Stage 2 clutch kits consist of our magnetic adjustable primary weights, primary spring, secondary spring, smooth shift Teflon washers, and a custom cut helix. You also have the option to go with our torsion conversion kit which also includes our torsion spring cup.  With our expert clutch tuning knowledge, and the right components at hand we gain huge all-around clutching performance.   For mountain riders, you’ ll see our clutching hold RPM much better and track speed will increase because of this.  On the trail, you’ll have insane upshift, and incredible backshift due to our weight profile, custom springs, and custom cut helix. This results in an amazing corner to corner performance that simply can’t be matched!  

We have two different secondary setups depending on your preference, and budget.  The standard, stock style compression spring we offer has a much better rate and is designed to work with our custom helix.   This standard setup works extremely well. One key component to consistent clutching and quicker shifts in our standard kit is our smooth shift Teflon washers. These washers are stacked inside the spring cup and allow free movement of the flat side of the spring.   If you want to take things to the next level, we have our torsion spring conversion kit.  This is the style spring shown in the second image and requires a 1/4" hole drilled in your secondary clutch to catch the end of the spring.  This kit comes with a new roller hub that has 3 holes for the torsion spring settings.   The torsion spring shifts out further and has even better acceleration and consistent shifting results than our standard setup.  If you don't want to spend the money on the torsion kit right away, its a simple $150 upgrade at any point.  No matter where you ride, we have a clutch setup that will perform above and beyond your expectations.  Please select the kit which is best for your altitude and performance modifications.