Arctic Cat Pipe Sensor Block Off

Arctic Cat Pipe Sensor Block Off


Regular price $99.00

  • Fits all 2011-Up Arctic Cat models with a factory pipe temp sensor.

  • Does not fit 2010 and older models!

  • Eliminates the factory sensor which are known to fail

  • Use with caution as warm up and over temp modes will no longer be active

  • This will show the sensor being at optimum running temp at all times

  • Includes resistor plug and exhaust bung cap



It’s no secret that the expensive stock Cat pipe temp sensor fails often. Quit worrying about going into limp mode for no reason with this simple-to-install block-off kit! The stock sensor is in place to adjust fuel and timing during cold (warm up) and in overheat conditions. Removing this sensor will provide more consistent results when tuning the machine, especially with aftermarket parts. However, it will also disable some factory safety features. An auxiliary EGT gauge is highly recommended when using this product.