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    • Fits all Polaris patriot 850/650 & 9R models.
    • Mild tone down low with great sound at higher RPM
    • Muffler runs cool - keeps those temps down!
    • Great fit and finish
    • Weighs only 11 lbs
    • Gains HP (see Dyno graph)
    • 7 lbs lighter than the stock muffler
    • Extensively dyno & field-tested
    • No loss in horsepower
    • SS Ceramic Part #: ADBM02-330-SC
    • SS Black Part #: ADBM02-330-SB


This is a great muffler for those looking to keep quiet down low but like a little bark once in a while! From idle to 1/3 throttle you can barely tell this is not a stock muffler. In the mid-range, you will notice a nice deep tone a little louder than stock. When you hit higher RPM this muffler has an exceptionally good tone without being obnoxious. This muffler has a special thermal barrier and internal packing that keeps it very cool on the outside. You can nearly put your hand on the muffler after running the motor, which greatly reduces under the hood heat! All mufflers are extensively tested to ensure the best performance. You can see the airflow chart which shows our muffler vs the stock muffler. Correct back pressure is crucial to how the motor works. In this model, it was not easy to make the correct backpressure. Other manufactures without technology will most likely create some sort of power loss. This is why you should trust BMP with all of your exhaust needs. Proven performance that works!! This muffler is extremely durable and is available in high temp black or ceramic chrome.

7 lbs lighter than stock!