BMP 2019-UP AXYS 850 Powder Lite Munchie Muffler


Regular price $504.95

  • Fits all AXYS 850 models

  • Riding hangry is dangerous. Heat up your snacks while you go for a rip!

  • Stainless steel cup and lid

  • Aluminum cup holder disperses heat under and behind the cup

  • Same great performance and sound as our standard Powder Lite muffler

  • All stainless steel latch components to keep your grub secure

  • Fold-out handle for stability while you gnarl down your toasty eats

  • Make queso dip, Little Smokies doused in BBQ sauce, or heat up your pasty!

  • Great fit and finish

  • Weighs only 7.1 lbs

  • 10.9 lbs lighter than the stock muffler

  • Dyno & field-tested

  • Will not lose horsepower like other mufflers often do

  • Exceptional sound

  • Race/Mountain style muffler

  • No packing to ever wear out or change sound

  • Need new exhaust springs? 1.8" springs / 2.5" springs

  • No returns due to loud or undesirable sound.

  • Pair it with our Lightweight battery kit to save even more weight! - Total savings over 24.5lbs

  • Black PN: ADBM02-330PLM-C


If you want a light muffler that barks, our Powder Lite Muffler is the way to go! It only weighs 7.1 lbs and fits great with laser cut mounting brackets. Our Powder Lite mufflers are dyno tested on our Superflow to make sure that they don't lose power like many other companies do. Our free flowing baffle design will also give you excellent throttle response. If you want light, get a BMP Powder Lite!! Available only in ceramic chrome for stock bore applications.

A huge 11 lb weight loss over the factory muffler!