2011-Up Pro-R 800 Single Pipe


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    • Fits 2011-Up Rush/RMK/Assault 800 CFI (Does not fit AXYS models!)
    • One of the best single pipes available for the Pro-R 800 CFI
    • Gains an easy 7-9 horsepower
    • Lighter weight than the factory pipe + head shielding
    • Thicker material than other aftermarket pipes to prevent cracking
    • Installs just like factory
    • No EFI controller required for just the pipe (or pipe + Durability Kit)
    • EFI controller is required when combining with our billet head kit
    • All pipes are ceramic coated which is needed to hold heat into the pipe and keep under hood temps down
    • Three different versions:  low alt, high alt, and big bore. If running both low and high altitude, you will want to run the low altitude pipe. Running the high altitude pipe in lower altitudes will build too much heat. The big bore pipe is for overbore motors and is meant to be run in addition to our higher flowing big-bore muffler.
    • Low Alt Part #: ADBM01-322-C
    • High Alt Part #: ADBM01-323-C
    • Big Bore Part #: ADBM01-324-C


The new Polaris is an impressive sled no doubt, but it could use a few more ponies from the factory. Polaris didn't deliver, but we did! Our torquey single pipe for this new sled has proven its power on the dyno and puts smiles on faces in the field or on the mountains! Not only does this pipe gain 7-8 horsepower, but 4 solid ft/lb of torque were gained! Whether you're climbing the steep and deep or unleashing on the trails, this pipe is one you need to have. Only available in ceramic chrome as this pipe needs the coating to work properly.

Combine with our billet head kit and Durability Kit for even bigger gains!


An EFI controller is required when running the pipe and head or pipe/head/durability combo.

Peak power is made from 8100-8300 RPM with this pipe.