BMP 2012-16 1100 Turbo BIG MO 3 Inch Exhaust


Regular price $399.00

  • Fits 2012-16 1100 Turbo Models

  • ECU tuning is required with this exhaust

  • HUGE horsepower gains

  • Less restriction = more heat loss. That makes running bigger tunes even safer, and more power!

  • Muffler/straight pipe is stainless steel then ceramic coated to hold in the heat

  • Outlet manifold is polished stainless steel

  • V band clamp for easy installation

  • This is NOT a divorced manifold, dyno testing showed divorcing was a 2 HP loss

  • Available with optional waste gate locking mechanism (MUST have locked WG specific tunes).

  • Stainless Full Velocity PN: ADBM22-118-SC

  • Side Exit Straight Pipe PN: 22-118-S

  • Stock Exit Straight Pipe PN: 22-118-SS


All of our exhaust systems produce the maximum horsepower attainable for your 1100 Turbo. 20-30 HP gains depending on the boost level. We produced a BIG MO 3” diameter turbo outlet manifold with a flex joint and a custom 3” flange plate with grafoil gasket. Utilizing the largest radius mandrel bent tubing possible for maximum airflow. You have you choice of three different outlets. We have a 3” side panel outlet BIG MO drag race straight pipe. Then there is our 3” straight pipe BIG MO that goes out the stock outlet location. Last but not least, to reach ultimate airflow and horsepower, but have a deep tone for racing or even on the trail, we offer our new 3” diameter stainless steel muffler “Big Mo”. This muffler has special heat resistant packing it reduce under hood heat. It fits just like the stock one utilizing stock style mounting. Our large diameter 3” inlet and outlet insures the highest airflow possible for the highest horsepower possible for your 1100 Turbo. The muffler and straight pipes are ceramic coated and polished for ultimate durability and appearance. All of these 3” systems come with turbo flange gaskets. Go BIG MO!!

This exhaust is not recommended without tuning as it allows the turbo to spool too quickly and hit the stock boost limiter. This is something you can deal with for a short while if tuning is in your near future. If tuning is not in your future, it's best to stick with the 2.25" exhaust system.

Now available with our wastegate locking mechanism. This will allow you to only remove a few parts and lock your waste gate in a short amount of time. You will need the special locked WG tune when running a locked wastegate. Adjustment takes 10-15 minutes so you can go from trail to track with ease!