BMP 2014-Up ZR/XF/M 6000, 2015 6000 R XC Full Velocity Stainless Steel Muffler


Regular price $399.00

  • Fits 2014-Up ZR/XF/M 6000 models and only the 2015 6000 R XC

  • Excellent sound!

  • Mild tone down low with great sound at higher RPM

  • Perfect trail muffler

  • Muffler stays very cool reducing under hood temps

  • Weighs only 10 lbs.

  • 11 lbs lighter than stock!

  • Does not lose horsepower like many other aftermarket mufflers

  • Available in high temp stealth black or ceramic chrome

  • Need new exhaust springs? 1.8" springs / 2.5" springs

  • Stealth Black Part #: ADBM02-123-SB

  • Ceramic Chrome Part #: 02-123-SC


This is a great muffler for those looking to keep quiet down low but like a little bark once in a while! From idle to 1/3 throttle you can barely tell this is not a stock muffler. In the mid-range you will notice a nice deep tone a little louder than stock. When you hit higher RPM this muffler has an exceptionally good tone without being obnoxious. This muffler has special thermal barrier and internal packing that keeps it very cool on the outside. You can typically put your hand right on the muffler after running the motor. It helps reduce under hood heat and won't melt any side panels. Another key benefit is the horsepower gain! 2-3 HP over stock depending on model. This very durable muffler is made from stainless steel and available in either our stealth black or ceramic chrome finish.