BMP '15-Up RZR 900 & '13-Up Ranger 900 935cc Big Bore Kit


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Cylinder Core Exchange Options(see drop down menu): 

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  • Option 1: Purchase Outright - No core is required to be sent in - Raises kit price by $400

  • Option 2: Exchange cylinder, send yours back with 14 business days. As soon as you do, the $400 charge will be refunded. CORE MUST BE SENT BACK WITHIN 14 BUSINESS DAYS. If no core is received within 14 business days no credit will be applied. 

  • Option 3: Exchange cylinder - Your order will be waiting for your cylinder to arrive. Once it does, we will ship the kit. No core charge will be applied since we will have your cylinder prior to shipping the big bore cylinder. 

  • Please send this WORK ORDER FORM with any parts sent in.

  • PN: ADBM12-305 (Retail $899.95)



This 96mm big bore for your '15-Up 900 RZR or '13-Up Ranger 900 significantly increases horsepower and torque! We take the stock 900 cylinder and precision bore and nikasil plate it to our spec. We then send you with 2 high performance forged pistons, all rings circlips and wristpins. It also includes a base gasket and head gasket. Choose from our specially designed head gasket making your motor a 10:1 compression ratio for turbo setups or the standard 12:1 pump gas setup. Cylinder exchange required. Produces 100+ HP to the crankshaft. Those are simply huge gains from the 74 HP RZR motor, and the 60 HP or 68 HP Ranger motor (depending on year). For even bigger gains go with our cams!

  • Included in base kit: Bored & Re-Nikasiled cylinder, two pistons, rings, circlips, wristpins, base gasket, and head gasket.

  • Recommended options for maximum power: BMP Custom Tunes Bully Dog GT, Stage 1 Clutch Kit, BMP Exhaust

  • For even more power: BMP High Performance Camshafts

  • You can find all of these items included in our Complete 935 Big Bore Kit (RZR Only)

  What to send: Cylinder only for this kit. If purchasing cams or port work we will also need the cams or head.

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