BMP 2017-Up Arctic Cat 9000 / Yamaha Sidewinder Powder Lite Exhaust


Regular price $599.00

  • Fits 2017-Up Arctic Cat 9000 & Yamaha Sidewinder Models

  • A HUGE 20-25 HP gain!

  • No fuel or tuning changes required

  • Our Stage 2 clutch kit is recommended. 

    • Note: Yamaha Sidewinder only has stage 1 Clutch kit. 

  • A must-have for any sled with tuning

  •  Weighs only 6 lbs!

  • Great fit and finish

  • Available in bare stainless or ceramic chrome

  • Need a replacement turbo manifold gasket? Find it here

  • No returns due to loud or undesirable sound.

  • Bare Stainless Part #:  ADBM02-126PL-SS

  • Stainless Ceramic Chrome Part #: 02-126PL-SC


Are you looking for the best exhaust on the market for the 998 Turbo? Look no further!  This BMP Powder Lite muffler gains a massive 20-25 horsepower due to the unique internal design.  After spending many hours on our state of the art Superflow 902 dyno, we developed a recipe that will blow the competition away.  This Powder Lite has an excellent sound at all RPM and is surprisingly quiet for a straight through exhaust.  This muffler bolts up right to the turbo and is made of 100% stainless steel.  It's extremely lightweight and fits perfectly into the chassis.  Available in bare stainless or ceramic coated to help hold more heat into the exhaust and keep underhood temps down.