2018-Up 8000 C-TEC 2 Fatt Azz Single Pipe


Regular price $799.00

  • The pipe comes ceramic coated to act as a heat shield as these pipes are a tight fit in some areas. 

  • The pipe must be used with BMP High Flow Manifold 

  • 2018 +   F/ZR/XF/M 800/8000

  • Gains 12-13 horsepower (in conjunction w/ BMP high flow manifold)

  • Excellent fit and finish

  • Easy to install

  • Fits into stock or BMP mufflers

  • ECU TUNE  required for maximum hp 

  • Need new exhaust springs? 1.8" springs / 2.5" springs

  • How pipes are made

  • part number 01-126-c


Our Fatt Azz single pipe produces huge horsepower and torque! When used in conjunction with our BMP Performance Manifold, your motor will gain 12-13 horsepower over stock! This pipe has a very broad powerband with a ton of grunty torque making peak power from 8000-8200 RPM. It fits right into the stock muffler, or you can use our lightweight muffler for even less weight. The pipe installs in minutes and works great even on our big bore 900 motors. It can be run without tunning, or for even bigger gains add our BMP Tuning. 

This can be purchased through BMP loaded with our custom map. BMP performance manifold required. Peak Power is made from 8000-8200 RPM with this pipe. **These pipes only come ceramic coated due to close hood tolerances**