BMP AC 9000/Yamaha Sidewinder 998cc Turbo Blow Off Valve Kit


Regular price $299.00

  • Fits 2017 Arctic Cat 9000 models, and 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder 998cc Turbo models

  • Gives that classic blow off valve sound when getting out of the throttle

  • Replaces the cheap factory diverter valve

  • Easy installation

  • No re-tuning required; works with factory or aftermarket tuning

  • Comes with the blow off valve and plug for your intake tube

  • Black Part #: ADBM25-102-B


This blow off valve fits easily into your stock charge tube to deliver that classic turbo sound. This also eliminates the factory diverter valve which is plastic. Plastic diverter valves are known to warp and fail, especially under high boost pressures. This kit includes a BMP blow off valve, and a BMP plug for your intake tube.