BMP Arctic Cat BOSS Torsion Conversion Kit (2016-Up)


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    • Torsion conversion kit fits 2016-Up Arctic Cat models with the BOSS secondary clutch

    • Increased acceleration

    • Better throttle response

    • More top speed in many cases

    • Lower belt temperatures

    • Increased belt life

    • Upgrade Kit Includes: Torsion spring cup & torsion spring

    • Complete Kit Includes: Torsion spring cup, torsion spring & BMP torsion helix

    • ***A BMP Torsion Style Helix is required with this kit***

  • View the installation instructions HERE

***Please include make model and year of snowmobile in notes section upon checkout***


If you are serious about performance you need this torsion conversion kit! This kit utilizes a torsion spring from 2004 and previous Arctic Cats (back when Cat had decent clutching!). This spring holds more side tension on the belt providing better grip and power transfer that results in more performance and lower belt temps. The torsion spring can also shift out further before coil binding, providing a nice increase in top speed (2-5 MPH). This spring is also much more consistent from day to day or when conditions change. The torsion kit is fully tunable for those that like to play with spring tension. This kit will work on all 2016-Up Arctic Cat models with the BOSS secondary clutch. A BMP helix built for torsion conversion IS REQUIRED!  Although testing proved reverse to work as good as factory on 2 stroke models, there is a chance you MAY have an issue in extremely high load situations. Reverse works just like factory on all 4 stroke models.  For best results purchase the Stage 2 clutch kit with the torsion conversion.  

Upgrade Kit Includes: BMP spring cup & torsion spring. Helix sold separately. (This is the kit you'd use if you have one of our stage 2 clutch kits with the stock style spring)

Complete Kit Includes: BMP spring cup, torsion spring, and BMP helix. (This is the kit you'd use if you are just looking to upgrade your secondary clutch and do your own primary clutching)