BMP Arctic Cat 2012-17 800/8000 Bolt-On Performer Kit


Regular price $2,599.00

    • This kit fits all 2012-17 ZR/F/XF/M 800/8000 models.

    • Huge gains from low end to peak power.

    • Stage 2 clutching helps belt life and drastically increases performance.

    • Y-pipe comes painted black. Upgrade to ceramic in drop down menu.

    • Pipe is only available in ceramic due to tight chassis tolerances.

    • Dyno graph is shown without reeds

    • 17-18 HP gain with just the Stage 1 kit

    • Kit Includes: Black Y-Pipe, Ceramic Single Pipe, Boyesen Rage Cages, Power Commander V, & Stage 2 clutch kit

    • Want a torsion kit for the 2016-up sled? You can upgrade by purchasing THIS KIT in addition to the bolt-on kit.

    • Need a clutch puller? Purchase one HERE

    • **Reverse on 2012-15 models will only work under light load situations and may be finicky***

    • Stage 1 PN: ADBM13-107-1

    • Stage 2 PN: ADBM13-107-2

    • Stage 3 PN: ADBM13-107-3

    • Select your exact model and options below



These Cat 800 HO motors are strong but they can turn into a monster with a little help from us! All of the most effective parts combined into one easy package; our Bolt-On Performer kit steps up your game and puts you ahead of the rest! We break it down into 3 stages depending on how far you want to go. Choose your weapon:


Stage 1: This includes our famous Fatt Azz Performance Pipe, High Flow Manifold, Stage 2 clutch kit, Power Commander V, and Boyesen Rage Cages. A 17-18 HP gain was seen on our state of the art Superflow 902 dyno. Not only are we gaining peak horsepower, but tons of low end torque! Our Stage 2 clutch kit also allows the clutches to shift out fully which usually increases belt life and top speed dramatically. 

Stage 2: Everything you see in the Stage 1 kit plus our Billet Head Kit. This is a must for those riding high altitude! 0-6000 ft riders will use our low compression domes seeing a 3-4 HP gain over the Stage 1 kit, while the high altitude (6000+ ft) will see a 7-9 HP gain at altitude. 

Stage 3: Time to get our most powerful 800 Bolt-On Kit available! Add up Stage 1, Stage 2 then add our BMP Professional Cylinder porting. A 26-27 HP gain was seen with this unbelievable kit! 187 HP with massive mid-range power.