AXYS Lightweight Aluminum Battery Box

AXYS Lightweight Aluminum Battery Box


Regular price $149.00

  • Lightweight battery box fits ALL AXYS models

  • 2015 models will require 2 extra holes to be drilled in the battery box

  • Light yet strong design

  • All aluminum construction

  • Sheds 1 pound

  • Easy to install

  • Great looks

  • Good alternative to cutting your stock battery box on 2016 models installing our Full Velocity muffler

  • For even more weight savings go with our LIGHTWEIGHT BATTERY KIT



Put your sled on a diet with this great looking aluminum battery box! This battery box sheds 1 pound off your sled and will allow for better fitment of our Full Velocity muffler on 2016+ models. This aluminum box is laser cut from maximum weight loss while still maintaining a rugged design to withstand punishment. Combine with the featherlight battery for a 12.5lb savings! Direct drop in for 2016+ models. Battery heat shield will work with modification, but many choose to run without it.

2015 models will require you to drill 2 different holes parallel with the ones already in the box.