BMP Complete 1065cc Big Bore Kit for '14-15 RZR XP 1000


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  • 1065cc Big Bore Kit for 2014-Up RZR XP 1000 Models

  • Stage 1 = 142-143 HP (Uses your stock valves)

  • Stage 2 = 150 HP (Upgrades to +4mm oversize exhaust valves)

  • Huge low end and mid range gains as well as peak power

  • Custom tuned map designed just for this kit

  • Tuner allows for data logging and code reading

  • What to send: Stock cylinder, head with valves installed. Please package all parts very carefully.

  • Turnaround time on this kit is generally 2-3 weeks from when we receive your stock parts.

  • Please use this WORK ORDER FORM when sending in parts.

  • View or download the weight setup sheetHERE

  • 1065 Complete Stage 1 Kit Part #: ADBM12-304-COM-1

  • 1065 Complete Stage 2 Kit Part #: 12-304-COM-2



This is the complete kit you need for over 140+ horsepower on pump gas! Looking for even more? You can go to our stage 2 big bore kit. Proven reliable and to have arm ripping power without having all the extra weight and extra components of a turbo. We have spent more time on the dyno than anyone in the industry to perfect our performance modifications. Our goal is the most power for the money, and we definitely deliver! This kit starts off by adding the 1065cc big bore kit with forged pistons. This is a stock cylinder bored out to 96mm which requires an exchange cylinder to be sent in. We then professionally port your cylinder head, add our billet intake manifolds, and bore your throttle body. Our high performance cams are added to rapidly increase horsepower and torque. With this extreme amount of airflow, you need an exhaust that has been performance tested to flow for these mods. Look no further than our full system which comes ceramic coated for long life and to hold heat inside the exhaust. We then add our Bully Dog Gauge Tuner which no longer lets the stock ECU limit your throttle by wire. This is huge because when you add horsepower on these models, it can be thrown out the window so quickly. Other manufacturers may deliver horsepower but we make sure it's always on tap. This programmer comes with our base tune for a stock machine and the tune for this complete big bore which optimizes the TBW, fuel, and timing curves. This has a 9000 RPM rev limit and a 90 MPH speed limiter. Lastly, this power needs to hit the dirt hard! Our fully adjustable Stage 2 clutch kit has settings just for your big bore setup and really puts the hurt on the dirt! Choose from 2 different stages.

Choose your stage! Stage 1 uses stock valves. Stage 2 upgrades to +4mm exhaust valves This also comes with new guides & seals for the exhaust valves. Stage 3 upgrades to +4mm exhaust and +1mm intake valves, heavy duty rods, heavy duty buckets, and Kibblewhite valve springs. All heads are assembled and shimmed for you to ensure proper setup.

 Stage 1 Kit Includes (140-142 HP):

  • 1065cc Big Bore Cylinder (Stock Exchange)

  • Forged Pistons (All rings, wristpins & circlips included)

  • Base Gasket

  • Head Gasket

  • Bully Dog GT (Loaded with map)

  • Professional Cylinder Head Porting (Done to your cylinder head)

  • Performance Camshafts

  • Full Exhaust System

  • Header to head gasket

  • Header to pipe donut gasket

  • Header to pipe springs

  • Stage 2 Adjustable Clutch Kit

  • Heavy Duty ARP Head Studs

  • Shim Under Buckets

  • Shims

  • Labor for shimming valves for the new cams

Stage 2 Kit (150 HP) - Includes everything in the Stage 1 kit, but upgrades you to +4mm exhaust valves for 7-8 more HP! This includes us installing new seats, guides, seals, and springs. 

Bikeman Performance Emissions Regulation Notice

 *Once this performance tuner has been installed on your vehicle, the vehicle is considered “For Competition Use Only”

§1068.235 Exempting nonroad engines/equipment used solely for competition.

(b) If you modify any nonroad engines/equipment after they have been placed into service in the United States so they will be used solely for competition, they are exempt without request.

(c) If you modify any nonroad engines/equipment under paragraph (b) of this section, you must destroy the original emission labels. If you loan, lease, sell, or give any of these engines/equipment to someone else, you must tell the new owner (or operator, if applicable) in writing that they may be used only for competition. 

Owner Responsibility:

Individuals engaging in performance enhancement and support must understand and comply with applicable Federal and State laws, including but not limited to compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulation. To use the competition exemption noted above:

  • Owners must destroy any existing emissions label installed by the manufacturer. If the emissions label is combined with other content, only the portion of the label related to emissions need be destroyed. This does not pertain to vehicles already exempted and labeled as competition-only vehicles from the factory

  • Owners of vehicles modified for competition must inform, in writing, any purchaser of the vehicle that it has been exempted from EPA regulations and therefore may be used only for competition.

By installing this performance tuner, you recognize that Bikeman Performance has informed you of certain obligations necessary for competition use of your vehicle.

Watch the video below for proper engine break-in protocol: