BMP Goldstar Adjustable Ski-Doo 850 E-Tec Clutch Weights


Regular price $299.00

  • Mountain or Trail profile gives you the correct geometry for your riding application.

  • 14 grams of weight adjustability and 8 more grams when combined with the P-Drive adjustable weight kit (#05-202)

  • Maximum shift characteristic adjustment to match your machine to your exact riding style.

  • Maintains the P-Drive profile aggressiveness adjustability that comes from the factory.

  • 5 step metal treating process for unbeatable durability, great looks, and reduced friction.

  • Perfect for Big Power Adders such as Big Bores, Nitrous, and Turbos.

  • Weights utilize 2 magnet locations plus the original bolt location allows for low, medium, and high speed adjustments.

  • Magnets are ultra strong high temp tested to maintain strength to 375 degrees F which is much higher than clutch components will ever see.

  • A must for any performance enthusiast.

  • Add further adjust-ability with our P-Drive adjustable weight kit

  • Learn about clutch weights HERE

  • Our sheave clamp tool will allow you to add or subtract weight near the tip for fine tuning without removing the weights.

  • Part Number: ADBM05-GSW-4458


Our Goldstar adjustable clutch weights are taking over! We developed a weight that is easy to use and easy to tune. This weight kit allows for easy set up because magnets are used instead of fasteners. No thread lock needed, just a quick snap in the recessed hole and you're done! We have developed what we believe is a far superior adjust-ability giving you the best performance possible for your application. Many weights come bare and will rust over time. These weights all undergo a 5 step metal treating process for unbeatable durability and great looks.