BMP RZR O2 Sensor Blockoff Plug

BMP RZR O2 Sensor Blockoff Plug


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    • Fits all 12mm O2 sensors found on Many RZR & Ranger models *Does not fit 2017+ Ranger 900 & Ranger 1000 models*

    • RANGER 900/1000 (2013-16), RZR (2015-17) ONLY

    • Eliminates the factory narrow band O2 sensor

    • Normally used with performance exhausts or when the factory sensor fails

    • Easy Installation

    • Comes with resistor plug only

Exact Model Fitment


    • 2015 - 17 Polaris RZR XP 1000

    • 2016 - 20 Polaris General 1000 

    • 2016 Polaris RGR 900 XP

    • 2016 - 20 Polaris RZR XP TURBO (does not fit California edition) You need the square o2 sensor

  • 2013 - 2016 RNGR 900/1000 

    • Part #: ADBM17-SB-1


This plug eliminates your factory O2 sensor. The stock narrow band O2 sensor is used only for low speed closed loop adjustments. When using performance exhausts or having trouble with the sensor, it's much easier to remove it. This kit takes minutes to install. Simply unplug the sensor, insert the resistor plug into your factory harness connector. This plug would leave the stock sensor in the pipe. If using on a pipe that has a factory 12mm O2 bung, we would suggest getting the kit.