BMP '11-14 RZR XP 935cc Complete Big Bore

BMP '11-14 RZR XP 935cc Complete Big Bore


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Head porting & throttle body boring is done to your parts, not exchanged. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks on these items.

  • 125 HP complete big bore kit for your 2011-14 RZR 900

  • 35-37 horsepower over a stock machine.

  • Big torque with a motor that loves to rev high.

  • Custom tuned map specifically for this kit.

  • Ceramic chrome or black exhaust for a durable finish.

  • Header features a welded in O2 bung for an optionalAFR gaugeorAuto Tune.

  • Tuneable exhaust sound with our optionalQuiet Cap&Spark Arrestor.

  • Adjustable clutch kit with recommended settings for most applications.

  • Head porting is done to your parts, not exchanged.

  • Valve shimming is necessary with our cams. We can shim the valves for you and send the head and cams bolted in, ready to go. This is $100 extra. 2014 models will need to purchase our Shim Under Bucket Conversion Kit

  • BMP Oil Modcan be performed for an extra $45 - MAKE SURE TO GET THIS DONE!! You can do this mod yourself and it will save you a lot of frustration later on when your buckets fail.

  • ***Be sure to send in your complete head with installed valves and cams bolted in***

  •  Please send this WORK ORDER FORMwith any parts sent in.

  • Full list of included parts is in the description below.

  • View or download the weight setup sheetHERE

  • 2011 Part #: 12-303A-COM

  • 2012-14 Part #: 12-303B-COM



Everything you need to turn your stock '11-14 RZR XP 900 into a dirt ripping monster! This kit comes with everything to take your 875cc stock machine to the next level of performance. We start off by boring and plating your cylinders to 96mm making your machine 935cc's. Then add our German made high quality forged Wossner pistons. Next we do our professional cylinder head porting to help all those extra CC's breathe. In addition to porting, we help this motor breathe with our custom cut high performance cams and intake kit. Don't forget the exhaust! We set you up with either our Double Barrel or Hot Rod style slip-on exhausts with our powerful header to complete the high flow you're going to need. With all those mods you're going to need more fuel but no worries as we have the best fuel controller on the market: Power Commander 5. The best part is we can install a map in the unit for your big bore. Auto tune is another option to fine tune your machine for your exact riding location. One thing we can't forget is making sure this power gets transformed into 100% driven roost in the competitions face. This means we add our high performance, adjustable Stage 2 Clutch Kit to finish up this 125 HP Kit!

Included in base kit: 

  • Bored & Re-Nikasiled cylinder

  • Two piston Kits Including rings, circlips, wristpins

  • Top end gasket kit for 96mm bore

  • Head porting

  • BMP Custom Ground Camshafts

  • Billet oversize intake boots

  • Power Commander 5 with BMP Programming

  • BMP Intake Kit

  • BMP Header Pipe

  • BMP Slip-on Muffler of your choice

  • Stage 2 Clutch Kit


What to send: Cylinder(please remove dowel pins), cams, head. Most send the head complete with valves, springs, buckets, and cams installed. This is the safest way to ship the parts. Please make sure you box everything up carefully and insure it properly. We will assemble the valves back into the head with springs. Re-shimming for the cams is an extra charge. Send these items to :

Bikeman Performance

920 Pine Street

Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024

Watch the video below for proper engine break-in protocol: