BMP Clutch Spring Compression Bench Tool


Regular price $129.00

  • Fits most primary and secondary clutches with a 1/2" or larger center hole.. nearly any clutch!

  • 7/16" threaded shaft with cup to allow for removal of snap rings (when snap rings are used)

  • A must have tool for those doing their own clutching!

  • Does not need be mounted to the bench, but can be for added stability

  • Allows you to safely compress and decompress your secondary spring

  • We use this compression tool on everything from Snowmobiles to UTV's & ATV's

  • Part #: ADBMBMP-BCCT


This tool is a must have for anyone who works on their own clutching! The compression tool easily mounts to any bench and allows you to safely compress and decompress your spring on virtually any clutch. This now has a smaller diameter 7/16" shaft which allows it to work on primary clutches also. This tool does not need to be mounted to work. You can easily carry this with you and use it not mounted.