Stage 3 Ranger 800 Clutch Kit

Stage 3 Ranger 800 Clutch Kit


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BMP Ranger Clutch Kits for Ranger 800 models. Huge gains in acceleration and the ability to tune for any size tire or modification!

Kit Includes: Adjustable primary weights, primary spring, TAS-03 secondary loaded with a custom helix, smooth shift washers and secondary spring. 

View or download the weight setup sheetHERE

  • Learn about Clutch weights HERE

  • Learn about Primary springs HERE

  • Learn about Seconday springs HERE

  • Learn about Helix angles HERE

  • Our sheave clamp tool will allow you to add or subtract weight near the tip for fine tuning without removing the weights

Part Number: ADBM07-303


This is the kit you have heard about! Huge gains in acceleration and out of the hole power. Drastically reduces belt wear and breakage. Completely eliminates the stock piece of junk secondary clutch. With this kit you will notice way more snap and throttle response and well as all around performance out of your Ranger. Whether you have a lift kit, mod motor, big tires, are at high elevation, we have a kit for you. We are clutching specialists and can get your Ranger rocking in no time with this kit. Each kit comes with a set of adjustable clutch weights, new primary spring, roller secondary clutch, secondary spring, and helix. Please be sure to list all the modifications you have made to your machine when ordering (including tire size and type). Please choose your application from the list below. If you dont see yours listed please call because we still have one for you.