BMP Ultimate Exhaust Spring Puller

BMP Ultimate Exhaust Spring Puller


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  • BMP Ultimate exhaust spring puller should be in every toolbox!

  • 27" in legth to reach even the toughest springs

  • Hardened tip for long tool life

  • Zinc coated

  • Same tool used by our exhaust specialists for years now!

  • Designed to be used for pushing and pulling springs

  • Part #: ADBMBMP-USP


When developing and manufacturing exhaust components, you pull a ton of springs! Our mechanics and engineers made their own ultimate spring pullers and have been using this design for years. We finally decided that everyone who deals with snowmobile exhaust should have one! They are extremely heavy duty and reach the hardest places. Pushes and pulls springs. 27” long, hardened tip, zinc plated.