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  • Huge gains in track speed and MPH with this kit 
  • Comes with our Stage 2 Snypr Clutch Kit 
  • Each kit comes with either a Hard Flash or a Torque Link License which gives you access to all the tune levels for future upgrades 
  • Includes Budget tune  
  • Also this kit will come with our Y-pipe manifold to help increase Peak RPM and more Consistant Peak RPM as well
  • 9-10hp gain over stock with Y-pipe and tuned combined
  • Big mid range HP and Torque gains you will feel
  • This kit is ment to be used with the stock muffler so it is perfect for the on and off trail rider just looking for more power and speed without the added noise of a performance muffler.
  • Will also work with one of our performance mufflers as well if you are looking for more sound
  • Check out the dyno graph for more info