BMP Ranger 900 Stage 1 Bolt-On Performance Kit


Regular price $1,999.00

  • Stage 1 Bolt-On Performer Kit fits 2013-Up Ranger 900 models

  • Totally transforms your Ranger into a raging fire breathing monster

  • 90-91 Horsepower Kit (+30 HP on 2013-14 Models, +22 HP on 2015 models)

  • Programming opens the throttle 100%, eliminates torque limiters, optimizes; fuel, timing, speed limit, rev limit, and throttle by wire.

  • 75+ MPH top speeds

  • Big mid to high end performance gains

  • Amazing sound without being too loud

  • Option to use your factory spark arrestor

  • Clutching designed just for our tuning

  • Easy to install

  • Easily upgradeable

  • Must run 91 octane fuel minimum

  • All programmers come with a turf mode (one wheel drive with raised speed and rev limiters) specific tune as this feature does not work in the performance tunes.

  • Includes: BMP custom programmed Bully Dog GT, BMP slip-on exhaust, and our Stage 1 Clutch Kit

  • "Turf Mode", for applicable models, is disabled with this tune. This means your rear end will stay locked. This however does include another "turf mode tune" that you can easily program the unit back to. Please see the below description for further details.

  • See Bully Dog GT online product listing for more specifics on this tuner HERE

  • Part # ADBM15-316-1


This kit includes everything you need to make some serious power! No matter if you ride trails, mud, or dunes, we know your Ranger 900 needs more power. From the factory, they are sluggish because of the heavy clutching and ECU tune that does not allow full RPM or even full throttle. We fix that by adding our performance tune which opens the throttle 100%, and removes torque limiters. It also removes the soft and hard rev limit so we can increase peak RPM between 8000-8500 where much more power is made. Fuel and timing adjustments are also made to improve overall performance. Spinning more RPM and making more power requires a more free flowing exhaust for best results. Our exhaust features an amazing sound without being extremely loud. It also allows you to use your factory spark arrestor if your riding area requires one. The last piece to the puzzle is extremely important! Our Stage 1 clutch kit includes our Goldstar magnetic adjustable primary weights, and a custom BMP primary spring. These simple clutch changes allow the motor to rev much higher than factory to where the real power is made.

**Please Read** Turf Mode Issue - In the performance tune, turf mode will be disabled. Because of this, you will always have an engine code flashing on your dash in that tune. We are working on a solution, but do not know when or if we will get turf mode to work in the performance tune. HOWEVER, we include a second tune loaded on your SD card specifically for turf mode. This tune is basically stock, but with the hard (ignition) rev limit raised. This allows the unit to rev up to 8600 (most will see only mid to high 7000's) and will still provide much better power than the stock tune, just not as much as our level 1 performance tune. Estimated horsepower of the Turf Mode Tune is 75 HP. This is necessary because the lighter clutch weights will allow the machine to rev much too quickly for the stock tune. Still in the turf mode tune, performance is gained because of the higher RPM.

**We also highly recommend welding your spider nut on the primary clutch** This is a fairly simple modification especially when the clutch is already apart to install the weights. Due to the higher RPM of this tune, some spider nuts have had issues coming loose. Please see the last image showing this modification performed.