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  • Kit Includes: Goldstar Magnetic Adjustable Clutch Weights, BMP Custom Primary Spring, BMP Custom Secondary Spring, Smooth Shift Washer Kit, BMP Custom Angle Helix.

  • Increased acceleration

  • Increased backshift

  • Easily adjustable for engine mods, larger tires, or added weight.

  • Cooler Clutches

  • Longer Belt Life

  • View or download the weight setup sheetHERE

  • Part #: 07-333 (Mud/Sand)

  • Part #: 07-334 (Trail)


Don't be fooled by others! We do extensive clutch testing to ensure our clutch kits are the best on the market. This kit significantly increases horsepower transfer to the rear wheels. Included in this kit is our BMP custom cut helix, primary spring, secondary spring, and magnetic adjustable high performance weight set. Increased acceleration and backshift will have your head glued to the seat! Normally you'll see cooler clutch temperatures and longer belt life with this kit. The best part about these kits is the ability to adjust for tire size, engine mods, elevation or riding type. Let us know what you already have done to your machine and we can set a custom kit up just for you!