Ski-Doo P-Drive Adjustable Weight Kit

Ski-Doo P-Drive Adjustable Weight Kit


Regular price $119.00

  • Fits 2017-Up E-Tec 850's with the P-Drive Primary Clutch

  • Adjust from 12 grams to 20.6 grams

  • Easy adjustment with small 1.2 gram shims

  • Installs and adjusts in minutes

  • Summit models can quickly adjust for low & high RPM without removing the ramps

  • Comes with setup chart comparing to stock weights for reference

  • Better bolts - 5mm allen wrench used instead of the 4mm factory ones

  • Part #: ADBM05-202


This adjustable weight kit for the Ski-Doo P-Drive clutches will allow you to adjust the arms easily and quickly! We set you up with 3 different size bolts, and 15 adjustment shims. This allows you to adjust from 12 grams(lighter than stock for really high altitude), all the way to 20.6 grams. This kit also includes a setup guideline showing the weights of the components, and the weights of the factory components. This give you a great tuning reference. Easily adjust for low and high altitudes without having to pull ramps! This is also a must have when adding performance modifications to your sled.