BMP Big and Bad 1200 Big Bore for F/M/CFR 1000

BMP Big and Bad 1200 Big Bore for F/M/CFR 1000


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***Must send in cylinders,  and exhaust valves*** Package all contents VERY CAREFULLY and insure the package. BMP is not responsible for damages that occur in shipping.

Turnaround time can vary from 1-3 weeks for this kit depending on if core cylinders are in stock. Kits will normally ship very soon after your core cylinders and exhaust valves are received by BMP. We do grind your same exhaust valves which can have a 2-3 day delay on the order shipping. In a pinch and need a kit out asap? Call us and we can charge you for the core and ship your parts right away(depending on stock). 

Use this Work Order Form when sending parts so shipping/receiving knows how to identify them. 

Part Number:ADBM09-108




Go Big or Go Home is the motto for this bad boy!  How cool is it to be able to have a 1200cc sled using the stock cylinders!  We’ve done our homework on this one and it scares the competition!  It takes a very intense porting job to do it and is not easy by any means.  Every port is radically changed for optimum airflow and port timing after being bored then the cylinder is re-nickel plated.  We modify the exhaust valves for clearance and you get a set of our forged 98mm pistons and a big bore billet head kit.  We highly recommend the use of the 56mm throttle bodies for maximum horsepower. With our 1200 Fat Azz single pipe and 1200 y-pipe, this package makes 224 HP and 157 lb/ft of torque. Add the 56mm throttle bodies, the 1200 cranks out 230hp  and 160 lb/ft of torque!! F1000 owners will want to install bullseyes in the airbox, while M/CFR owners will want to purchase our Big Flow Intake. Supreme Tool rave-style exhaust valves are another excellent option for this package as they really help smooth out the mid-range power. It comes with a special large offset timing key. Power Commander 5 or Boondocker EFI Controller required. Exchange Cylinders & Exhaust Valves also Required. *Please call for complete 1200 BB Kit*


Kit Includes: Exchange Big Bore Cylinders, Big Bore Billet Head Kit, Exchange Exhaust Valves, 2 Pistons with rings, circlips & wrist pins, Timing Key.

Necessary Additional Items: Performance Manifold, Performance Single Pipe, Stage 2 Clutch Kit, Power Commander 5, Exhaust Valve Spacers


Watch the video below for proper engine break-in protocol: