Turbo kit preorder/Pro R

Turbo kit preorder/Pro R

Turbo Kit / Pro R

Regular price $1,000.00

Introducting Bikemans Turbo Kit for the Polaris Pro R. We have been working on this kit for awhile and working all the bugs out of the package to bring you the best Turbo Modification. This kit features a air to air intercooler, oversize airbox, and big turbo. At its base level it is set to 7lbs of boost on 91 pump gas. From there the sky is the limit to turn it up.

-Air to Air Intercooler

-Base Kit 7lbs of boost on 91

-Large Intercooler

-Big Turbo

-Standalone Pro EFI Ecu

-Capatable of big boost!


To preorder this kit, add this product to your shopping cart and purchase. That will put you on the waiting list for the kit. Deposit is 1000$ non refundable and will go twards your final kit price. Price for Turbo Kit starts at $10,000.


Video on the Kit