BMP X3 RR Turbo Silicone Charge Tube Kit

BMP X3 RR Turbo Silicone Charge Tube Kit


Regular price $449.00

  • Fits Maverick X3 RR '20 & Up

  • Full 2" silicone charge tube

  • Lowers boost temps

  • Won't crack or blow out like the factory charge tube

  • High quality silicone and t-clamps

  • Must use a Blow off valve  

  • Comes with fitting and hose to use BOV 

  • Part #: ADBM16-202


The factory X3 RR Turbo charge tube has many flaws that make purchasing this 2” silicone charge tube an easy decision! The factory charge tube is made from cheap plastic, is too small, and is known to crack. Our silicone charge tube has many key benefits. The larger volume works very well with higher boost pressures as the air does not bottleneck and create heat. The high-quality t-clamps and silicone seal up very nicely and won’t leak. This kit also uses a Blow off valve to release the inktake pressure once the throttle plate closes into the atmosphere giving it that PPPPPPSSSSHHHHH sound. Kit comes with Charge Tube, BOV, Clamps, Hose and Fitting to use BOV