RZR XP Turbo / RS1 "CYCLONE" Billet Aluminum Primary Clutch Cover


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    • Fan blades designed in the billet cover effectively move air while decreasing weight

    • Decreases belt temp, prolonging belt life

    • About 25 CFM above stock down low

    • Up to 50 CFM above stock at full shift-out

    • Constant cooling, direct on the primary clutch

    • Billet aluminum construction, built to last

    • Designed and built at our state of the art facility here in the USA

    • Part #: ADBM20-CYCLONE-1


Compared to the inline clutch blowers and off brand imitation covers, our CYCLONE never hinders airflow and actually works. Don't be fooled by imitation fan plates that do not make a difference. Inline blowers generate more CFM than stock at idle, but once the CFM of the clutch housing goes above the CFM of the inline fan, the inline fan actually becomes a hindrance. This is why we went with a fan within the clutch housing on the primary clutch. Since the primary clutch always has RPM, the fan will always be generating airflow, constantly cooling. Our airflow increase over stock is about 25 CFM down low and up to 50 CFM at full shift-out. Above 250° belt life begins to decrease, above 300° you have minutes left and above 350° your belt explodes.