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    • Give your Sidewinder a wake-up call! 
    • Kit includes ECU Flasher Device,  Adjustable Clutch Weights, Turbo Mod Wheel, Blow Off Valve and Cold Air Intake.
      • Two Muffler Options
        • Powder Lite - Mountain Decimals 
        • Full Velocity - Trail Decimals 
    • Increased Airflow 
    • Turbo lag becomes a thing of the past. Get that turbo 'PSSHHHH'
    • Higher boost achievable with lower temps
    • Quicker throttle response
    • Increased horsepower through our advanced timing and fuel curve
    • Comes with all three tunes and you can easily upload and switch tunes at your discretion
        • 245 HP (91 octanes)

        • 260 HP (95 octanes) 

        • 270 HP (110 octanes) massive horsepower and torque gains over stock!
    • Boost levels & limits increased to safe, yet powerful levels
    • Rev limit increased
    • Safety parameters extended to higher RPM while still being safe

  • With the ECU Flasher Device, you can switch between tunes in your own garage. Comes with all available tunes!